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The Clements Agency are a UK and global online marketing consultancy based in Derbyshire

We work across the UK and the world to promote websites using a wide range of search engine optimisation and online marketing techniques.

For both UK and global online marketing, we work in a wide variety of market sectors with all kinds of companies and approach each customer with fresh eyes and an open mind to ensure that we get the best results using the most appropriate resources for each market in each country.

From these experiences we have developed the following steps, which we believe are essential for effective Internet marketing:

Planning and preparation is essential

Before undertaking any UK or global online marketing work, it is absolutely essential to fully discuss how to be effective in each sector and plan all the activities required to develop your web presence in each different market. From website design to search engine optimisation to social networking, planning is key.

SEO is more than just keywords

To effectively optimise your website for search engines you need to look beyond the keywords that you think your customers are using. Thorough keyword research into what is actually being used is essential and should inform any following web development work. Don’t forget that SEO is more than a one-off project, it is a continually evolving and changing challenge and should be worked on continually, to get the best results from your site.

Global Online Marketing

UK and global online marketing specialists based in Nottingham, East Midlands

Design your site with the customer in mind

With UK or global online marketing, if you are selling your products online, looking for telephone enquiries or purely providing an information resource your website should be designed so that everything important is easy to find and navigation throughout the site is clear and consistent. Add to this appropriate visual design, code that is compatible with search engines and flexible, updated content and you have the formula for a successful website.

Convert your visitors into customers

Building a website and getting visitors is not the end of the journey, you need to convert these visitors into enquiries or orders to be effective for your business. Using the latest analytics tools we are able to provide detailed statistics to help your website grow, develop and be the most powerful business tool you have.

Our clients include...