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Shows, exhibitions and seminars…

Clements Marketing has presented on a wide range of topics, including web design, branding, search engine optimisation, online marketing and international Internet marketing.

Throughout 2011 and 2012 Clements Marketing has presented half hour workshops daily at most of the relevant exhibition events around London. This has included Business exhibitions and conferences at O2 (March 2012), Earl’s Court (February 2012), The Business Show Olympia (November 2012) and Excel.

The workshops included a range of case studies on how Clements Marketing has helped it’s customers localise its International Internet Marketing with multilingual websites and optimisation for local target market search engines. Through the use of geographically targeted advertising on Google Adwords, social media and blogs new sales were developed in overseas markets.

International Marketing Workshop at the Business Startup Show in May 2011

International Trade Forum breakfast meeting at the Nottingham Chamber of Commerce, 2011

A brisk 25 minute introduction into International Internet Marketing to members of the Nottingham Chamber. This covered the need to localise your websites by hosting in your target market and using local language translation and relevant social media. Examples of some of Clements Marketing successful overseas internet marketing campaigns were given in languages diverse as Russian and Chinese. The Managing Director of Raleigh Bicycles took a particular interest in what Alan had to say and invited him back to meet his marketing team.

Alan Clements presented at the UK Trade and Investment International Online Marketing Conference in Nottingham.

The conference was held on 18th October, 2011 at the East Midlands Conference Centre and was targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises who wished to use Internet technology to grow their businesses and go Global.

The event featured keynote presentations from leading Internet entrepreneurs across the region, as well as a breakout session covering topics on modern Internet technology: social media, International SEO, E-commerce and global online marketing.

UKTI also hosted a Technology and Business Support Showcase Exhibition which gave delegates the opportunity to meet with product and service providers.

The Conference attracted over 200 delegates from across the region and was therefore a great opportunity to showcase products and services to a specialist audience.

UK Trade and Investment International Online Marketing

UK Trade and Investment International Online Marketing Conference in Nottingham

2010 SCOCIE Workshop – Global Online Marketing Workshop

In July 2010 Clements Marketing’s Managing Director, Alan Clements, was back in China, this time to present at the (SCOCIE) Szechuan Chamber of Commerce for Import and Exporters Global Internet Marketing Workshop. Clements Marketing have now become SCOCIE’s official advisor on Global Online Marketing for China’s Szechuan province. The event was held in Chengdu where Alan was able to speak to representatives of more than 50 well known Chinese companies.

The main focus of the workshops was on the benefits of providing localised solutions for international online marketing. Alan discussed the importance of working with skilled linguists to ensure that communications are not just translated literally but are able to retain their power and persuasive qualities. Alan also focused on the usefulness of our Global Management Software (GMS) for providing easy management of a range of international websites with localised overseas hosting and domains.

2010 Workshops – Driving Global Trade Through Internet Marketing

Our global Internet marketing forum was a great success, over 35 people came from local business originations such as UKTI, East Midlands China bureau, Nottingham and Derby Chambers of Commerce as well as students from Nottingham Trent and Loughborough University and members of the Clements Marketing team.

This forum was developed for decision makers in International and Export Companies to help them use the Internet to reach overseas markets, expand their business and drive profit.

Speakers included:

  • Andrew Schlich, AST Language Services – Successful Communication with your Overseas Customers
  • Anja Nelskamp, Clements Marketing- Why Language and Culture Matters
  • Ian Lockwood, Internet Consultant – The Importance of Ongoing Online Promotion
  • Alan Clements, Clements Marketing – Why You Need a Global Internet Marketing Strategy

2009 Workshops – Global Online Marketing Workshop

Co-organised by the European Union Project Incubation Centre in Chengdu, Clements Marketing talked about how the internet can help grow your business online with international internet marketing and a global website. Among the 20 companies attending the presentation were international high tech companies, software companies and large exporters, all looking to grow their business overseas.

Set in the modern and futuristic Chengdu Hi Tech Zone, the EUPIC provides support for European companies setting up offices in China and in particular houses many global businesses such as Intel, Ericsson, Symantic and IBM. Dedicated to the high tech industries and the centre of science and technology, there is no better place for the first office of Clements Marketing than Chengdu.

How The Internet Can Change Foreign Trade. Empark Hotel Conference, Chongqing, China in March 2008

A partnership between Metafocus and Chongqing advertising agency Magic Pen, this conference discussed various aspects of export and marketing, the internet and other international promotion techniques. COFTEC, the Chongqing office for foreign trade and export helped us invite the guests and gave a welcome speech. The opening remarks were made by the Consul General (UKTI office). From this conference new customers were found that included Lifan, Haifu, Gient and Chengdu Hitech industrial zone.

In 2008, Alan presenting  ‘How the Internet Can Change Foreign Trade’.

Nick Whittingham, British Consul, opens the conference.

More than 300 people attended the seminar.

2008 Workshops – Online Marketing for Exporters

In 2008 Alan Clements, Clements Marketing MD was commissioned by Business Link and UK Trade and Industry to present a series of workshops on Online Marketing for Exporters.2008 Workshops – Online Marketing for Exporters

  • 29/07/2008, Chamber offices, Chesterfield
  • 14/08/2008, Chamber offices, Leicester
  • 02/09/2008, Chamber offices, Northampton
  • 05/09/2008, Chamber offices, Nottingham
  • 23/09/2008, Chamber offices, Lincoln


If you would like us to give your company or team a tailored presentation call +44(0)115 823 32773 or email info@clementsmarketing.com

Other Workshops

Grow your Business in China Workshop – Nottingham

With the support of the East Midlands China Business Bureau and Nottingham City Council – Nottingham Business Development Ltd, this workshop showed you how to Grow your Business in China. Find out how EMCBB can support your business expand to China, learn about Nottingham City’s exciting Ningbo City Partership and learn how to use the Internet to export to China from Clements Marketing, the leading Global Online Marketing experts in the Midlands.

Past Workshops

Alan Clements, Clements Marketing MD was commissioned by Business Link – Derbyshire Chambers of Commerce, funded by East Midlands Development Agency and UK Trade and Industry to present a series of workshops on export online marketing.

This FREE workshop began with an overview of how you can achieve online marketing success at home and abroad. How to create best practice websites, create an effective online marketing strategy and e-commerce websites will also be discussed.

Localising your export website, foreign search engine optimisation and pay per click are important features to export online marketing and will be explained. As an example, you will also get a chance to learn about the Chinese online market and the differences with UK online marketing.

It also showed you how to grow your business by planning a successful export online marketing campaign for your business and monitoring the performance of your website.

The full day workshop included interactive discussions, which will gave delegates a chance to tackle questions like:

  • What makes a good or bad website?
  • How would you get export enquiries using the Internet?
  • How can you get your website found on the first page of the search engines worldwide?

This workshop was aimed at businesses who would like to learn how to use the Internet to grow their business abroad. Whether you are a new business looking to export your products and services to foreign countries or an experienced exporting company, we can introduce the principals of this workshop to you.

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