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Clements Marketing MD Leads the Way for Marketing Brewers in China.

MD Leads the Way for Craft Beer in China

  It’s been a busy and exciting week in China for British Craft Beers. Last week on the 13th May, British Craft Beers Marketing Director Alan Clements and his team exhibited at the Sial trade show in Shanghai.  The event proved to be another successful venture for British Craft Beers and as China is the biggest beer-drinking country in the world, Chinese interest in British beer, and British Craft Beers, is only expanding. The trade show, an event which featured a range of...
Fishing for Clients: Social Media & Blogging

Fishing for Clients: Blogging & Social Media

What tackle are you using? Using Social Media and blogging is a great way to find new business by getting your name out into the deep blue.  But what’s the difference between effective Social Media, and simply having a Facebook page set up? We use blogs and Social Media to catch two different types of client. Social Media generally is used to interest and attract business from those who have already expressed an interest in us, or at least enough to follow or like us.  Like line...
D2N2 Audience

Innovation, the key to business success

Alan Clements MD of Clements Marketing was recently invited to attend and speak at the D2N2 Innovation Summit “Time to innovate”, which was held on 30th January 2014 at the Enterprise centre at the University of Derby. The aim of the summit was to outline the current state of business innovation in the D2N2 area, the support currently available and to seek the views of businesses to shape the support needed in coming years. The summit started off with the announcement that the Local...
Chinese graduate employability event

China Graduate Employability Event

Clements Marketing Ltd has a growing reputation as being leaders in global online marketing. They have also won awards for their expertise in international online marketing and this is why Clements Marketing Ltd were recently invited to be guest speakers and presenters by the University of Nottingham at the China Graduate Employability Event. Chris Lineker, Technical Director of Clements Marketing Ltd, gave an extensive presentation titled the Employability of Chinese graduates. Chris...
British Craft Beer

British Craft Beers help microbrewers export to China

A Nottingham based business is helping East Midlands microbrewers export their beers to China, with the support of The University of Nottingham. Following a recent beer tasting trip to distributors in China, British Craft Beers has exported the first orders of beer to merchants in Shanghai and in Chengdu, Sichuan province. Support to improve export readiness The export success follows on from a project run by the Brewing Science department of The University of Nottingham last year. The...
Baidu and Google

Chinese SEO – Google and Baidu SEO differences?

Founded in 2000 by the Chinese search scientist and entrepreneur Robin Li, Baidu is now China’s number 1 and most popular search engine, taking approximately 80% share of the overall search engine market of the China Mainland. Gaining high rankings on Baidu is the key to giving you exposure to the Chinese digital market. This article will tell you the 5 basic differences for Chinese SEO in China when aiming to rank on Baidu and Google. 1. Indexing Google sets a lower threshold for...
Clements Marketing and Trading

Introducing Clements Marketing

We’re always striving to be the best at what we do, both in the East Midlands and internationally, evident by the award we proudly received for Marketing Campaign of the Year at Nottinghamshire’s Best Business Awards 2012. The team here at Clements Marketing are excited to announce that we’ve decided to undergo a pretty major revamp to freshen up our image. With this crisp new image comes a new found energy - our new team of experts recruited by our Director, Alan Clements, are...
Alan Clements Baidu Interview

Baidu’s Market Share

On 25th April the Chinese Search Engine giant Baidu is set to launch its latest set of quarterly financial results. Whilst many analysts expect Baidu to show continued financial growth and to retain its Chinese search market dominance, there are signs that Baidu’s growth and market share is on the decline. To understand why analyists are making this claim, Alan Clements, Managing Director of Metafocus Global, a leading search and international internet marketing agency, explained on...
Social Media Infographic

Are we entering a visual social media era?

The visual social web is still rapidly evolving and we’re in the dawn of a time when visual storytelling is vital for social media success... Or are we? Today’s top brands are said to be acting more like publishers, effectively using visuals to tell a story and draw a reader into a fuller version of content. One of the newest social media platforms, Pinterest, went from just being a fun way to share pictures to a serious traffic source for online stores. However, what’s relevant for...
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