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Riding Ltd

Successful Online Marketing in Nottingham

Riding Ltd came to Clements Marketing (the leading experts of Online Marketing in Nottingham) in desperate need of reducing their marketing spend and increasing its performance in early 2012. Within days of implementing a range PPC and SEO techniques, we had already seen improvements in the results as well as successfully reducing their cost-per-click down to just £1 and their total marketing costs by half!

Comparing the figures…

When Riding Ltd first came to us for help their PPC figures were quite low even with a rather substantial Ad spend (as seen in the first column of figures). They had a particularly high CPC but benefited from top position in search rankings and yet only received minimal sporadic conversions.

One month following the implementation of their tailored Pay-per-Click Advertising strategy the results were significantly improved (as seen in the second column of figures). Impressions had more than tripled; clicks had doubled with CPC now a 6th of what it was previous to our involvement. This was all on the basis that we kept a maintained avg. position of around 4 as here the account received the best value-for-money. Still, at this position the account received 18 conversions that month – all with an ad spend of less than a quarter of what is was previously.

In order to continue to maximise results we have since created a new Ridings Ltd PPC account, restructuring all campaigns with revised keywords. Again, we have seen huge improvements; impressions and clicks have almost doubled, CTR and conversion rate have increased as well as an improved search position. The accounts ad spend has increased as a result of us increasing the CPC in order to achieve a higher position, showing a notable increase in the amount of conversions gained.

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