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Baidu and Google

Chinese SEO – Google and Baidu SEO differences?

Founded in 2000 by the Chinese search scientist and entrepreneur Robin Li, Baidu is now China’s number 1 and most popular search engine, taking approximately 80% share of the overall search engine market of the China Mainland. Gaining high rankings on Baidu is the key to giving you exposure to the Chinese digital market. This article will tell you the 5 basic differences for Chinese SEO in China when aiming to rank on Baidu and Google. 1. Indexing Google sets a lower threshold for...
Alan Clements Baidu Interview

Baidu’s Market Share

On 25th April the Chinese Search Engine giant Baidu is set to launch its latest set of quarterly financial results. Whilst many analysts expect Baidu to show continued financial growth and to retain its Chinese search market dominance, there are signs that Baidu’s growth and market share is on the decline. To understand why analyists are making this claim, Alan Clements, Managing Director of Metafocus Global, a leading search and international internet marketing agency, explained on...

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