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5 tips for marketing your business internationally online

It is true that the internet presents businesses with the opportunity to participate in a global marketplace. However, many companies, even with a global marketing strategy, struggle to attract a rich array of business from overseas. At Clements Marketing, we specialise in helping companies expand their businesses internationally as well as in the UK. To help you, we have compiled 5 of our top tips for marketing your company internationally. Internationalise your website As part...
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The best SEO tip? Get to know your customer!

I have spent many years doing SEO. From working in a highly regulated financial environment to a quaint little bed and breakfast in the Derbyshire countryside and yet it’s only recently that I’ve really found the importance of getting to know your customer. I think the main difference for me is that when you are completing SEO tasks for a company that you also work for, you inherently know the company inside and out (or at least what is important to really make the SEO work). The fact...
Growth Vouchers Scheme

Growth Voucher Scheme: £2000 grants available for SMEs

Did you know about the Growth Vouchers Scheme? There is £30 million in vouchers available to help small businesses grow through the use of subsidised business advice. Vouchers can be claimed to pay 50% of the cost of the advice giving you the opportunity to claim up to £2000 back. Approved Advisers At Clements Marketing, we have been selected as an accredited adviser for the government run SME growth scheme.  We can help businesses with their marketing and provide digital advice. Good...
LinkedIn Advertising

Target key decision makers using LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn advertising has become a powerful tool for online marketers trying to promote content and generate leads through social media. There is no question that businesses should be looking to effectively utilise social media but what is important is that you are not wasting valuable resources targeting the wrong ones. Twitter and Facebook are traditionally used to target consumer markets, with LinkedIn being utilised to help reach professionals and B2B customers. If you are a B2B provider...
Google Adsense

Maximize your websites revenue through Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the most popular online advertising program where enterprises are able to display advertisements on their websites. These ads are a way to generate revenue on a per-click or a per impressions basis. The ads utilise Google’s internet search technology, which,  ensures that they contain appropriate content for visitors to your site. For example, if you site provides readers with healthy food recipes, Google might place ads for cooking equipment or cookery books. The more...
7 useful Social Media Management tools for SME's

7 useful tools for SME’s Social Media Management

This week I wanted to share some social media tools that help take some of the trouble out of managing your social media. They will give you more time to focus on other areas of your business, whilst not neglecting your social responsibilities. The social media tools listed are easy to use and cost-effective with the majority either being completely free or having free versions. Of course this is just a small selection, there are tonnes more out there, but these are some that are really...
D2N2 Audience

Innovation, the key to business success

Alan Clements MD of Clements Marketing was recently invited to attend and speak at the D2N2 Innovation Summit “Time to innovate”, which was held on 30th January 2014 at the Enterprise centre at the University of Derby. The aim of the summit was to outline the current state of business innovation in the D2N2 area, the support currently available and to seek the views of businesses to shape the support needed in coming years. The summit started off with the announcement that the Local...

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