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Chinese Trading

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Chinese Trading – Make a start

The question of how to market and sell to companies in China is one that is debated endlessly by foreign companies seeking to expand into China.

Views expressed by business people claiming to know the secret of success in China are mixed, from those who say that marketing and selling in China is ‘no different’ through to those who exaggerate the unique nature of Chinese business and Chinese people to such an extent that they state that selling in China is almost impossible. The reality is that these two views are both incorrect – there is no reason why a Western company with a flexible, patient and ‘listening’ approach to marketing and sales should not succeed in the Chinese market.

Clements Marketing is a marketing and trading agency specialising in UK, and Chinese online and offline marketing and trading. We have years of experience in International Marketing, a passion for the Internet as a powerful Marketing tool and experience of the fast growing markets of China. Our clients are companies and individuals who are looking to grow their business and expand their markets abroad, particularly in China. These include promoting products as diverse as Clarifoil film, essential oils, infra red counting devices and contraception!

Clements Marketing can help you sell your products and services in China. We have an office in China and strong contacts with importers, distributors and retailers. In recent years our projects have included promoting food and drink in China for the Food and Drink Exporters Association (Taste of Britain www.tasteofbritain.cn)

Our clients include...