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Chinese Domain Registration and Hosting in China

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Chinese Domain Registration and Hosting in China

If you are targeting the mainland Chinese market, it is crucial that your Chinese website is hosted within China. There are several good reasons for this.

The Golden Shield Project, known worldwide as the Great Firewall of China, is a government strategy aimed at controlling and filtering Internet content for Chinese Internet users. It is not entirely clear how the Internet police block certain websites. However, websites with “inappropriate content” will be blocked indefinitely for users within mainland China. In addition, if the you host your website on a server that is blocked by the firewall, your website will also be blocked indefinitely.

Hosting a website in China will allow for stable and quicker access times for Chinese users, leading to better user experience. It is also a key part of an overall search engine optimisation strategy as local search engines give websites hosted in China with Chinese domain names priority over other websites.

Similarly, registering a Chinese (.cn) or (.com.cn) domain name will add to the localisation of your website and make your website address easier to remember for Chinese users. Although a Chinese domain name is not as important as hosting, we do recommend it.

There are also options to register Chinese character (.中国) domain names. Stay tuned for more information!

Your business should have a Chinese address and business certificate in order to be granted a Chinese domain and hosting rights in China.

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