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Chinese Internet Marketing and Global SEO

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Chinese Internet Marketing and Global SEO

The Chinese Internet Market is growing!

By the end of 2006, China had over 1,300,000 websites, an increase of 50% in the last six months.

  • SEO began in 2003, five years behind western markets.
  • E-commerce is growing but is still in relative infancy as trust has to be established in the security of the Internet.
  • In July 2008, China officially has the highest number of Internet users with 253 million users. (BBC)
  • Chinese Internet penetration rates only at 19% compared to the United States who has 71% but 223 million users online. (BBC)
  • Chinese Internet users expected to increase to 280 million by end of 2008. (CNNIC)

Chinese Market Research and Chinese Search Engine Optimization

Did you know?

Over 98% of clients advertising abroad have not consulted with a cultural Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing specialist.

Research shows, return on investment (ROI) for clients using global SEO and working with culturally targeted marketing campaigns, paid and organic, is 20% higher on average than clients who do not use such services. [source: UKTI]

Clements Marketing believe that through specialist global SEO/SEM companies aimed at targeting the Chinese market, we can help your business grow by researching your target market and building a tailored online marketing plan to suit your requirements.

It is important to have localised language, culture and business knowledge in order to effectively target your market. You are more likely to gain more credibility with local Internet users and convert visitors to customers.

Clements Marketing can help you with a complete online marketing strategy, from the basics – Chinese website hosting and domain name registration to the nitty gritty of Chinese search engine marketing (SEM) and global SEO. If you would like to discuss your Chinese website  or global SEO requirements please contact us – we look forward to hearing from you.

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