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Chinese Translation, Localisation and International Search

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Chinese Website design and international search

An important part of Clements Marketing International Internet Marketing strategy is to provide effective websites that will lead to a high visitor to customer conversion rate during international search. A quick look at a typical Chinese website will reveal the difference between an average English website.
An average western visitor will immediately form a few of the following impressions seconds after seeing the site:

  • Busy
  • Packed full of information
  • Too many links
  • Too many scrolling objects
  • Too many flashing objects
  • Occasional trailing picture or cursor

What may look like a confused page to us, however, looks like the average webpage to the Chinese browser. Chinese users are used to seeing websites that are full of information. Moreover, the language divide means what looks like an overload of words are actually concise headlines that link to other news articles that can be read at a glance.

Clements Marketing are committed to working with local website design, international search and online marketing specialists in China to design the most attractive but effective website for your company. Currently we are working closely with an online marketing, international search and advertising partner in southwest China who will advise and design an effective localised website for your company.

Chinese Translation

Why not just use an online translation tool to translate my English website to Chinese?

Whilst there are many free online translation tools that will be useful for checking the meaning of a phrase or word in a foreign language, it is not enough for Chinese translation and building an effective website for international search. Free online translation tools will not automatically translate words from graphics, slang terms or certain technical terms that have not been stored in their database.

If we analyse this from an English point of view, imagine reading a website with dodgy English and bad spelling. Would you trust the content of the site? Small details like changing British spelling to American spelling on a international search website targeted at American users or adding in local slang terms can really make a difference.

It is also important to determine which areas of the market /international search you would like to target. If you are targeting areas outside of mainland China, i.e. Hong Kong or Taiwan, it is important that your website is in traditional Chinese instead of simplified Chinese only. You will also need to target the most popular search engines in those areas.

Clements Marketing offers a full English to Chinese translation service that will make sure that all elements of your website is translated to the highest standard, including slogans, technical terms and selling messages. Our translation service also includes additional proofreading and editing services from experts in the field.

Keyword Research and Analysis

At Clements Marketing, we believe keyword (search term) choice is the foundation of any search engine marketing strategy. To ensure you get the best range of keywords for your business, industry, product or service, we only work with local agencies who can analyse the right keywords for your business.

This is especially important in creating an effective marketing strategy in the main Chinese search engine – Baidu. Baidu lists pay-per-click style links on the traditional left-hand organic search results, discernible only by a couple of characters at the bottom of the link. Thus, we have to take into account a keyword strategy that is governed by the amount of paid rankings on a particular search term.

Long Tail Keywords

At the moment, many Chinese companies are not considering the long-term benefits of optimising ‘long-tail’ keywords for their businesses. Due to online marketing and international search being in relative infancy, businesses may pay over RMB 1 million per year to be ranked first for a very competitive keyword, like 电脑  – ‘computer’. However, choosing more specific and descriptive terms will ensure a more targeted audience for your website and a higher chance of visitor to customer conversion.

We will be happy to discuss your international search engine optimisation strategy for China with you. Please do not hesitate to give us a call on + 44 (0)115 8232772 or contact us

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