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International Internet Marketing and SEO

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International Internet Marketing and SEO Experts

International Internet Marketing and International SEO is a fast growing and exciting new field in the world of search. Clements Marketing are the leading international SEO experts in the East Midlands helping foreign trade and export companies reach global markets online.

Your International SEO campaign begins with a clear and well-researched market strategy. One of the most important features of global online marketing is the need for a clear brand and visual image as well as an effective localised website. Localisation means not just translating your website into a different language. Localisation is about knowledge of local search and user behaviour and includes local hosting, a local International SEO program, regular performance monitoring and visitor conversion.

International SEO is all about getting your site as high as possible in the search engines result pages (SERPs) of the major search engines in each country for keywords related to your business.

Multilingual SEO
With a strong multilingual SEO campaign, your global business can grow tremendously. Clements Marketing can help you achieve this as we are leading experts in international SEO.

International Pay Per Click Advertising
Multilingual Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is a great way to promote your website, offering instant results which are fully traceable and measurable.

Multilingual Keyword Research
Choosing the right keywords for your business in each language is an absolutely vital part of the international search engine optimisation process. Simply translating your keywords from English to Chinese, for example, is not enough.

Blogs and Blogging
Blogs are becoming increasingly popular with an estimated 200 million blogs currently in use. What was once an optional extra for the biggest companies only has rapidly become a pre-requisite for anyone serious about search engine optimisation and online marketing.

Translation Services
International Internet Marketing and Multilingual SEO is not just about translating a website into a foreign language. It is as important to have good knowledge of local culture, local language or dialects as well as local user behaviour on the Internet.

Link Building and Social Networking
Link building is one of the key foundations of successful international Internet marketing. Search engines love links.

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