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MD Leads the Way for Craft Beer in China

Clements Marketing MD Leads the Way for Marketing Brewers in China.

MD Leads the Way for Craft Beer in China


The British Craft Beers Exhibit at Sial Exhibition, ShanghaiIt’s been a busy and exciting week in China for British Craft Beers.

Last week on the 13th May, British Craft Beers Marketing Director Alan Clements and his team exhibited at the Sial trade show in Shanghai.  The event proved to be another successful venture for British Craft Beers and as China is the biggest beer-drinking country in the world, Chinese interest in British beer, and British Craft Beers, is only expanding.

The trade show, an event which featured a range of food and drink produce from across the globe, proved to be a major success for British Craft Beers. The only English exhibit, which displayed over 32 types of the wide and colourful range of the beers it exports, gained significant and constant interest from local and nation-wide Chinese distributors.

British Craft Beers formed an export club, working with 7 different breweries across the UK to promote and export their produce in China, back in 2013. Since then, and as a result of last week’s Expo, the interest in British Craft Beers in China is growing rapidly;  a number of new networks have been set-up in different regions of China in addition to the successful distributorships  which have been consolidated in Chengdu, Szechuan and Ningbo.

Becoming more and more popular in the UK, the range of British Craft Beers in the home market is impressive. However, with British Craft Beers relatively unknown in China, British Craft Beers Ltd. is leading the way to showcase the very best of British in its range of blonde, brown ,black and fruit beers from large family-run breweries such as Elgood’s or smaller micro-brewers such as Brampton in Chesterfield.

Set up next to exhibits showcasing Belgian and German wheat beers, British Craft Beer proved to be a popular favourite with those attending the fair. With posters of all seven different brewers, along with three or four different craft beers they offer, those interested were able to sample the range of impressive new flavours, aromas and tastes that British craft beers can offer. The stall, which had its own bar and seating areas, was inundated with interested distributors all wanting a taste of the traditional British tipple.

The day was a major triumph in the history of British Craft Beers in China, even when the roof of the exhibit came crashing down -harmlessly- onto the heads of  the stand’s most important visitors! There was nothing to stem the wave of interest and curiosity in the brand the exhibit generated. On the stand, Alan was joined by Haoyang, the newly appointed Sales Director of British Craft Beers in China, alongside students from The University of Nottingham Ningbo China who assisted in the running of the bar.

Clements Marketing MD  Leads the Way for Marketing Brewers in China.Related to the successes of last week, British Craft Beers looks to maintain a permanent presence in China. In the long term, the company aims to set up a beer loft in Shanghai, displaying the variety of beers available for import. The beer loft would also serve as the trade office for the expanding business.

With growing awareness and strong demand, the future for British Craft Beer in China looks promising.


We’ll drink to that!



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