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British Craft Beers

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British Craft Beers

British Craft Beers – The Company

British Craft Beers Ltd was started in the East Midlands with the aim of promoting and selling the growing range of craft beers from breweries in the region to China. It will develop, promote and sell a portfolio of the best that we have to offer to suit the new demand in China.

British Craft Beers operates with its partner company in China, Clements Marketing Ltd, which has operated from its base in Nottingham University.

The partnership of these two companies working together and with the University of Nottingham Business School in Ningbo, offers a depth of knowledge and experience and a market perspective/approach which is uniquely focussed on China, from within China. That also means that we are able to break China down into distinct geographical markets/sectors and target the wide variety of cultures from within China, but at the premium end and thus at achievable volumes and attractive margins.

What we offer

British Craft Beers will grow the profile and sales of British Craft Beers by taking a strategic approach, but also by responding to the requests of our Trade customers in China and sourcing craft beers from the UK, rather than just “taking beers to China”. We will position the beers at the premium end of the market, targeting drinkers of red wine and Belgian/German beers at up-market locations, rather than through supermarkets. In this way we can manage volumes and margins and retain an exclusive positioning for the UK’s craft beers alongside those of other premium products. We will capitalise on the “Britishness” of the portfolio.

China is a complex market and one that relies on ongoing and strong commercial relationships. That is where our partnership thrives. What we will do is find sales in China for appropriate UK Craft Brewers by having a continual presence there and finding the right product in the UK to meet China’s growing needs.

We also want to form an effective commercial partnership with  Brewers, where benefits are shared and margins optimised. We can discuss your strategic ambitions and product range to see if the range is appropriate for China and then deliver sales, logistics and administrative solutions with our knowledge of the China market.

If you would like to be part of this initiative or would like to discuss it further, please contact Alan Clements or Richard Worrall on 0115 8232772  alan.clements@britishcraftbeers.com.

British Craft Beer

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