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Tasting Notes

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British Craft Beers Tasting Notes

Our work at British Craft Beers enables us to have the opportunity to sample many craft beers from various different breweries throughout the UK. We have set up many tasting sessions in our quest for the best range of British Craft Beers and have accumulated extensive records and tasting notes of all the beers. We’d like to share some of our tasting notes with you and hopefully whet your appetite.

Thornbridge BreweryThornbridge brewery

  • Have won over 200 national and international awards for beers.
  • Established in 2005, now two brewery sites.
  • Original Hall brewery highlights the traditional infusion mash ale system
  • Riverside brewery highlights our ability to innovate through technology

Jaipur  (IPA)Thornbridge Jaipur

Great Taste Awards July 2010

Gold Three Stars

Great British Beer Festival

Gold Medal 2009

A wonderful, award winning, India Pale Ale that builds around the mouth to a crescendo of massive hoppiness accentuated.

5.9% ABV

Kipling  (South Pacific Pale Ale)Thornbridge Kipling

International Beer Challenge 2010 Gold Medal

Golden blonde beer with an exquisite passionfruit, gooseberry and mango aroma. An initial sweetness and full body are balanced by a lasting grapefruit-like bitter finish.

5.2% ABV

Wild Swan (White Gold Pale Ale)Thornbridge-WildSwan

White gold in colour with aromas of light bitter lemon, a hint of herb and a subtle spiciness. A great refreshing beer!

3.5% ABV

Wild Raven  (Black IPA)Thornbridge Wild Raven

The name’s an oxymoron the beer is complex and stunning. Five malts and six hops combine for bitter chocolate flavours with dark roasted fruits.

6.6% ABV

Windsor & Eton BreweryWindsor and Eton brewery

  • Brewing is their passion, it’s in their blood, it’s in their name too – webrew.co.uk!
  • Traditional brewing method last for over 300 years. New brewing vessels were installed 2010.
  • Our ambition is simple – to make Windsor famous again as a brewer of some of the finest and most talked about beers in the country.

Windsor KnotWindsor and Eton - Windsor Knot

Beer of the Festival Bronze at the CAMRA Ealing Beer Festival 2011

This is a Pale Ale brewed with two specially selected hops, Sovereign and Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand. The combination of these hops produces an intense and distinctive tropical fruit aroma including Mango, Lychees and Passion Fruit to deliver an easy drinking and refreshing beer.

4.5% ABV

Conqueror 1075Windsor and Eton - Conqueror 1075

Gold in the SIBA South East Region Beer Competition 2012, bottled porters, milds, old ales and stouts category.

Runner Up Beer of the Festival at the Marlow Royal British Legion Midwinter Bank Holiday Beer Festival 2013.

The beer is brewed to the same recipe as the original Conqueror (5%) but we only use the ‘strong wort’ from the brew. Thus, every batch needs two brews to produce. Whilst this seems extravagant, the resultant product, which has a silky smoothness, speaks for itself.

7.4% ABV

KohinoorWindsor and Eton - Kohinoor

Beer of the Festival Winner at the CAMRA Beckenham Beer and Cider Festival 2012

Based on a classic IPA recipe which uses Imperial Malt along with Chinook, Simcoe and Pacific Jade hops. However the additional special ingredients of Jaggery (raw cane sugar from India bought from Southall market), Jasmine Petals, Cardamom and Coriander produce a distinctive twist to this “Indies Pale Ale”.

5.0% ABV

Elgood’sElgoods brewery

  • Situated in the heart of ‘Fen’ country in Cambridgeshire, England
  •  Home to Elgood’s is the Noth Brink Brewery which was established in 1795, and was one of the first classic Georgian Breweries to be built outside London.
  •  Over the years, Elgood’s has remained loyal to traditional brewing methods, whilst making important technical advances to enable the brewing of a complete range of beers to cater for all of today’s tastes.

Black DogElgoods - Black dog

An award-winning cask conditioned traditional dark mild.  Well balanced malt and hops give a pleasant aroma and taste, with splendid slightly roasted bitter and smoky flavours.

Available bottle sizes: 500ml/3.6% ABV

Elgoods - WarriorWarrior

Warrior is a truly traditional style English Bitter Ale. A blend of finest Pale Ale, Amber and Crystal malt is used for the fruity malty flavour and generous portions of English Hop varieties (Challenger, Goldings and Fuggles) give a well developed hop character.

Available bottle sizes: 500ml / 5.5% ABV.

Golden NewtElgoods - Golden Newt

Pale in colour with prominent hoppy palate and full flavoured finish, Golden Newt is a pale session bitter of 4.1% ABV.

Available bottle sizes: 500ml / 4.1% ABV.

Cambridge BitterElgoods - Cambridge bitter

Malty and fruity aroma with a satisfying flavour and bitter finish, Cambridge Bitter is the main brand beer at an ABV of 3.8%.

A mid brown bitter with a good balance of malt and hop character giving a pleasing session drink.

Available bottle sizes: 500ml / 3.8% ABV.

Double Swan Elgoods - Double swan

The beer is very pale ale, brewed using Pale ale malt only. The beer has a floral aroma, refreshing to the taste with good bitterness and a slightly sweet mouth feel.

Available bottle sizes: 500ml / 4.5% ABV.

Indian Summer Elgoods - Indian summer

A premium pale ale style, Indian Summer is a beer created to enjoy in the long late summer evenings, a lovely golden hue with a refreshing slightly sweet palate.

Available bottle sizes: 500ml / 4.8% ABV

Apple Wheat Beer Elgoods - Apple wheat

We have blended fresh Apple juice with our Belgian style wheat beer to create a refreshing, slightly carbonated, apple and vanilla beer. The fresh Apple aroma, combined with a hint of herbs and vanilla helps create a unique taste.

Available bottle sizes: 330ml / 4.8% ABV

Cherry Wheat Beer Elgoods - Cherry wheat

Our Belgian style wheat beer has been blended with Cherry & Raspberry to create our uniquely, refreshing,

slightly carbonated Cherry beer.

Available bottle sizes: 330ml / 4.1% ABV

Talon Imperial Stout Elgoods-TalonImperialStout

A rich full flavour brewed with roasted malt with a good hop bitterness. The recipe uses Pale Ale, Amber, Chocolate and Patent Malts.

Available bottle sizes: 330ml / 6.6% ABV

SpringheadSpringhead brewery

Springhead is a large, state-of-art micro brewery based in North Nottinghamshire, producing a wide range of styles of traditional, quality beers with the best all natural ingredients and no additives.

Maid MarianSpringhead - Maid Marian

A pale golden beer with a fruity orange aroma and a refreshing, dry finish. Maid Marian is brewed with the

finest Maris Otter Pale malt, and a mixture of English and American hops. Its refreshing flavour is produced byadding fresh whole oranges to the brew.

Maid Marian was first brewed in 2010 to commemorate the Robin Hood film.

Available bottle sizes: 500ml/4.5% ABV

Robin HoodSpringhead - Robin Hood

A chestnut-brown traditional bitter with a good head and plenty of hops. It is brewed with Maris Otter Pale,

Crystal and Dark Crystal malts, traditional English hops and Nottingham Ale yeast.

Robin Hood Bitter was also brewed to commemorate the Robin Hood film.

Available bottle sizes: 500ml/4.0% ABV

Roaring MegSpringhead-RoaringMeg

A smooth golden beer with a sweet, citrus honey aroma and a long dry finish. The “Big Blonde” is so popular that it has its own fan club at Beer Festivals. This is now our most popular beer.

It was the runner up of the strong bitters at the Great British Beer Festival in 1995.

The beer was named after a cannon which had been smelted at a vast furnace in the Forest of Dean, and used by the Parliamentarians to regain Goodrich Castle.

Available bottle sizes: 500ml/4% ABV

The LevellerSpringhead-TheLeveller

A dark, smoky intense flavour with a burnt toffee finish.  Brewed in the style of Belgian Trappist ale. The Leveller has won the runner up of best bitter at the Great British Beer Festival 1995.

The Levellers were politically minded opponents of King Charles 1st who sought a better balance of power between the king and Parliament.  They put together pamphlets citing their demands :

“An Agreement of the People, for the People”

Available bottle sizes: 500ml/4.8% ABV

King BeerKingBeerLogo

A historic style of brewing culture, using only the finest natural ingredients and traditional brewing techniques inherited from our 200 year legacy to rival the worlds finest ales.
Our mission is to push the brewing boundaries and have fun along the way. Experiment but not to the detriment of our faithful followers and lovers of our beers.

Green BulletKingBeer-GreenBullet

Green Bullet is a single hop beer, brewed with New Zealand Green Bullet Hops. The beer has a powerful citrus aroma and distinct hop flavour. Mid-strength with a light amber colour. This a perfect beer for those who prefer the unmistakeable taste of single hop brews.

Available bottle sizes: 330ml/4.3% ABV

Kings WarriorKingBeer-Warrior

Kiwi Pale Ale. This serious Kiwi pale ale using Pacific Jade and Pacifica hops packs a punch on the palate. A southern Hemisphere alternative to the usual pale ales.

Available bottle sizes: 330ml/4.8% ABV

Lovers RockKingBeer-LoversRock

This is a Bohemian black Lager, the aroma is more than the usual lagers, its brewing inspiration originates from Roma love, the fragrance of flowers and the music of Bohemia.

Available bottle sizes: 330ml/4.6% ABV

Kings BestKingBeer-KingsBest

This copper-coloured session bitter is packed full of flavour, particularly in the hop character. The aroma is overflowing with apricot and warm orange with a hint of caramel and peach coming through faintly. There’s some caramel and fruit from the malt and very light roast in the initial taste but this rapidly gives way to a dry, straw hoppy and slightly astringent but full flavour.

The aftertaste builds and emphasises bitterness and the slightly earthy hops come through even more. If you’re looking for a hoppy bitter which still retains a good balance with the malt, this is the one for you.

Available bottle sizes: 500ml/4.0% ABV

Kings JesterKingBeer-KingsJester

Mild brown session bitter has aromas of caramel, roasted malt with a hint of smokiness and dried fruit.

With a lingering long spice and pine after tones this beer is chockfull of English hops.

Try this best with a mature cheddar or any cheese with a bite to it!

The hops cut through creamy dishes made with lighter meats such as turkey or pork.

Available bottle sizes: 500ml/3.8% ABV

Brampton BreweryBrampton-Brewery

From Victorian times it was common for most towns to have a brewery.  Chesterfield at one time had three breweries, Brampton, Chesterfield and Scarsdale, which made it the second largest brewing town in Derbyshire.
After several generations of breweries, the original  British Craft Beers have been preserved.


Brewed initially only for bottles, this strong version of our best selling Golden Bud is now available not only in cask, but also in (filtered but un-pasteurised) keg due to over-whelming demand. An IPA-style ale, the fruity hoppiness is balanced beautifully by the residual sweetness of such a strong ale.

Local Ale of the Festival, Chesterfield Beer Festival 2009 & SIBA Midlands Region Silver Medal Winner, 2009 & 2010 – Strong Ales category.

Available bottle sizes: 500ml/5.8% ABV


The rich and roasted malt notes defy the pale colour in this special bitter. Brewed as a one-off for St. George’s day it went down so well it’s made a number of re-appearances since for significant national events, and has a great following in bottle. A traditional bitter-style ale, the pale colour defies a rich maltiness normally associated with a darker ale.

Available bottle sizes: 500ml/4.6% ABV

Brampton StoutBrampton-Stout

A deep, rich and intensely satisfying traditional Stout ale, boasting a characteristic off-white creamy head. Roasted malt notes are perfectly balanced by Fuggles and Golding hops.

Beer Of The Festival, Chesterfield Markets Festival – 2009.

Available bottle sizes: 500ml/4.5% ABV

Box Steam BreweryBoxSteam-Brewery

Box Steam Brewery is a family-owned brewery based in the village of Holt,  just outside of the beautiful City of Bath.
Founded in 2004, our first brewery was close to Box Tunnel, built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel (the legendary 19th Century engineer), and is the inspiration behind our most popular ale, Tunnel Vision.

At Box Steam Brewery we share Brunel’s ambition, commitment and thirst  for innovation, which translates into a  range of crafted beers, ales and ciders that are engineered for all tastes and occasions.

Funnel BlowerBoxSteam-FunnelBlower

This is a porter beer with subtle vanilla fragrance. Sweet vanilla and roasted barley and malt chocolate give mild flavour and  wonderful contrast.

Available bottle sizes: 500ml/4.5% ABV

Piston BrokeBoxSteam-PistonBroke

This is a strong gold ale beer, with a refreshing hops aroma, and an experience of sweet citrus.

Available bottle sizes: 500ml/4.5% ABV

Evening StarBoxSteam-EveningStar

Alive with subtle coffee and chocolate aromas, the gentle vanilla taste contrasts with the full bitterness of roasted barley and coloured malts. This exquisite ale really compliments and enhances a great range of flavours and is the perfect match for fine dining. Evening Star is designed to be enjoyed with friends and we are sure that you will agree that it is perfect with food and will help add character to the whole dining experience.

Available bottle sizes: 750ml/7.5% ABV

If you would like to be part of this initiative or would like to discuss it further, please contact Alan Clements or Richard Worrall on 01629 822813  alan.clements@britishcraftbeers.com.

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