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Target key decision makers using LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn Advertising

Target key decision makers using LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn advertising has become a powerful tool for online marketers trying to promote content and generate leads through social media. There is no question that businesses should be looking to effectively utilise social media but what is important is that you are not wasting valuable resources targeting the wrong ones. Twitter and Facebook are traditionally used to target consumer markets, with LinkedIn being utilised to help reach professionals and B2B customers.

If you are a B2B provider then LinkedIn advertising provides a range of opportunities for your business. It is a great way of reaching the qualified decision makers within organisations, creating high quality leads from your target demographic. You can chose to advertise using either LinkedIn Ads of sponsored updates depending on what you hope to achieve.

Choose between an ad or sponsored content

This is a brief guide to advertising on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads appear at either the top of the timeline or to the right of it. These are used to either drive traffic to a particular landing page on your site or as a brand promotion tool.  The Ads typically consist of a square image 50 by 50 pixels in size, a headline that is 25 characters long and a 75 character brief description. Ads should contain punchy content that encourages consumer engagement.

You are able to target your audience by selecting from a wide range of criteria. These include the following:

  • Location – This is required by LinkedIn
  • Company
    • Company Name
    • Industry
    • Company Size
  • Job Title
    •  Specific Job Title
    •  Job Function
    • Seniority
  •  Schools
  • Skills
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Gender
  • Age

As you can see, LinkedIn offers a wide range of options for you to target the exact demographics of your desired market. They provide you with more diverse options than Twitter and Facebook and some of these are very useful. In particular, targeting by job title, employer, and industry are wonderful options, as the enable you the opportunity to seek out the key influencers within the organisations or industries you want to target.

Test Campaigns

To maximize the performance of ads, it is important to test the performance of your copy. At Clements Marketing, we create up to 15 variations of the same campaign. This is so we can test which ads are the most effective and prioritise their content.

Sponsored Updates

These help widen the reach of your company page updates to surpass those that follow you and whilst display ads appear on the sides and the top of pages, sponsored content appears in your consumer’s news stream.

They can be target in a similar way to LinkedIn Advertisements.

LinkedIn Audience Network

There is now the opportunity for you ads to appear within the LinkedIn Audience Network. This is similar to the Google Display Network. It is a collection of websites that partner LinkedIn, allowing them to display LinkedIn Ads on their websites. This is useful because it allows you to target these users even when they are visiting other sites on the web.


LinkedIn offers two basic pricing models base on pay per click and pay per impression models. Both, allow you to set daily budgets to make sure you don’t spend more than you want to on your campaign.

With this is mind, LinkedIn is an affordable online marketing tool for businesses of any size. If you would like to find out more, feel free to contact Clements Marketing today, either call us on  +44 (0)115 8232772 or email us at info@clementsmarketing.com, we would love to hear from you.

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