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Google Remarketing

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How to re-engage with potential customers

Google Remarketing is a feature within the Google Adwords system which allows you to segment your audience by delivering relevant ads for your search and display campaign. You can appear to them as they visit other websites that are part of the Google Display Network or as they search for terms related to your product or service on Google.

How it works

A small piece of code is embedded on your homepage that tells Ad Exchange to save visitors’ cookies to your “Homepage List”. As people visit, their cookie is added to your remarketing list. You are then able to create a campaign that directly targets past visitors to your website. For each remarketing campaign you run, you will want to use a ‘list’ of visitors to target. For Example, you might want to tag users that have visited a product page then advertise the same or similar product pages to them after they have left that site. Creating relevant and meaningful users lists is vital to the success of your remarketing campaign.

You can choose then choose what style of advert you want to follow potential customers after they have left your website. Using image based adverts gives you a lot of freedom to experiment and see what style works best for you. It is also a lot more visually appealing than boring old text!

Why use Remarketing? 

  • It can help you increase you conversion success – It allows you to keep in contact with your target audience and try to re-engage them.  Research shows that retargeted customers are 70% more likely to complete a sale than non-retargeted customers. (Criteo.com)
  • It can help build brand awareness –It is hugely useful for small businesses that want to grow the brand as you appear all over the web!
  • Through using Google and gaining access to their Display Network you can appear on more than a million websites that show relevant Adword ads.
  • Cost-effective – lower cost per action (CPA) and higher click through rate (CTR)

To learn more about how we can help you with your Google Re-Marketing, give us a call on +44 (0)1629 822813 or email us at info@clementsmarketing.com. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

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