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Social Media and Blogs

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Social Media and Blogs

Social Networking sites are not just for teenagers; many business professionals are using social networking sites frequently on a daily basis. Increasingly, it is used as a business tool for B2C or C2C promotions. Unsurprisingly, Facebook is one of the most popular website in the UK, second only to Google UK, reaching up to 19 million users UK users in July 2009.

Social Networking sites allow you to build a direct relationship with your visitors in a modern and accessible way. If you have a blog, photo album or videos relating to your products and services, all these can be incorporated into social networks and profile pages to increase your international reach.

The web is constantly changing and sometimes it is hard to keep up with the latest new technologies and websites. Clements Marketing has a dedicated team of online marketing staff to ensure that we target the most relevant social networking sites for your business.


Blogs and Blogging

Blogs are becoming increasingly popular with an estimated 200 million blogs currently in use. What was once an optional extra for the biggest companies only has rapidly become a pre-requisite for anyone serious about search engine optimisation and online marketing.

The reasons for a company to have a blog on their website are growing all the time with more companies adding blogs, giving their visitors a reason to return to the site. By having a blog you can:

  • Establish yourself as an expert
  • Help towards generating leads based directly on searches
  • Improve communication with prospects or clients
  • Attain a broader reach using RSS feeds
  • Give your company a human face and a tone-of-voice


Blogs can be created using a variety of package with the most popular being Blogger and WordPress. Both systems act as cut-down content management system and are very user-friendly and easy to use:

  • Can be updated with no HTML Knowledge
  • Can be styled to look exactly the same as your website
  • Can be hosted separately for free on Blogger or WordPress servers


Above and beyond all these reasons, one of the main reasons for using blogs is for targeted and immediate search engine optimisation. Search engines, particularly Google, often index Blog posts very quickly and if social bookmarking and blog submission tools are also employed you can see your article appear in the search engine results pages literally within minutes.

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