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Ecommerce Website Design

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Professional Ecommerce Website Design

More and more companies are selling their products and services directly on the internet, relying on a professional ecommerce website design and effectively promoted website to be both a shop-front, take payments online and even manage stock.

But, where do you start? Should you use Paypal? Or would a fully integrated shopping cart system attached to Protx be better? What about Ebay? And how do I make sure that my site is secure? How does ecommerce website design differ from other types of website design?

Clements Marketing based in Nottingham in the East Midlands, has the knowledge and experience to provide you with an ecommerce website design that is both secure and attention-grabbing, all with an effective back-end system.

Payment Providers

There are a variety of different ways of managing the payments on your site, such as having a integrated shopping cart on your site or using a secure third party to handle the payments for you. Selecting your preferred Payment Service Provider (PSP) is a vital part of planning your ecommerce website design.

As each Ecommerce website is different in terms of the products and services offered as well as design, Clements Marketing work closely with you to match your needs and budget with the appropriate PSP. We understand the mechanics of setting up your secure payment system and also the different services that each PSP offers.

Clements Marketing has worked with many Payment Service Providers for a wide range of clients. We work closely with you to understand your business and your customers to provide the best online shopping service. This includes not only the structure of charges but also how the design of the site will fit around the PSP.

There are many different ways a PSP can work with your site. For example, you can process the payment all through your own site (such as HSBC); send your customers to the secure PSP payment pages (Such as Protx or Worldpay) or use a unique payment process, such as PayPal.


Nottingham Ecommerce Website Design Experts


Most ecommerce owners leave the details of their online security to their hosting company or Payment Service Provider (PSP), however we believe that it is good practice for people to understand the security principles behind ecommerce.

Such important aspects are:

  • Privacy – All customer details must be kept secure and away from unauthorised parties.
  • Digital Signatures and Certificates – This allows your customers to be assures that your site is genuine and not set up by a malicious third party.
  • Data Protection – Making sure that you protect the rights of your customers.
  • Credit Card/Payment Security – Making sure all transfers of payment information re encrypted and secure.


Where it is good to understand these elements in turn, it is more important to effectively communicate these elements to your customers. Clements Marketing can effectively set up and make sure all aspects of online security are in place for you. We can provide expert advice on how to present information to your customers through our ecommerce website design package.

We make sure that whichever Payment Service Provider you use, all will have the highest security needed for Secure Electronic Transactions (SET). Read more about how to select the right Payment Provider for your ecommerce website.

Establishing trust is vital to forging relationships with your customers and we believe that this is a vital element in the conversion process. Having the right payment security and authentication in place together with focusing giving your customer’s piece of mind and establishing trust can be all handled by Clements Marketing.

Not only can Clements Marketing provide professional ecommerce website design and help you through all of the aspects of security but we also have the expertise to advise you on the best practice on setting them up for you.

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