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A website with a blog, or a blog with a website? The advantages of a WordPress.org website…

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A website with a blog, or a blog with a website? The advantages of a WordPress.org website…

Social media has revolutionised the way we talk to our clients. It’s both important and essential to keep a steady flow of information on our social media channels to entertain, excite and interest our repeat clients and followers.  The flaw with social media, is that the communications and publications we send out onto the ether, are focussed at our channels of followers and their associates.  That’s great, but how do we contact any potential business who are not within the circles of our existing clients?  The short answer is; we use our website – and we optimise it.  Of course SEO is no new thing; I remember one point in time when I could out rank Microsoft on keywords simply through changing the meta data of my website.  Then something called Google came along and revolutionised everything.

Nearly 20 years after the search giant’s concepts birth, Google continue to revolutionise the way we find new clients.  Every time there is a new update, the chatter and techniques for optimising a website are as varied as each other.  The truth is, each of these updates has slowly increased its A.I. into simulating what a visitor wants to see – it’s fair to say, they have finally cracked it.

Fresh, interesting and authoritative content is what’s going to make a site rank well.  How do we keep our content fresh? The answer is to actively use a blog.  An established blog will generally hold more content than the rest of the website it’s associated with, however, it’s important to keep the website integrated with the blog posts that are of significant importance.

So where does WordPress.org fit into all this?

Things have changed over the years for WordPress. Originally specialising in the blogging industry, the fantastic support of third party developers has led to it increasingly being used to build complete websites.

By using WordPress.org to build the website as opposed to just the blog, the whole site structure can be orchestrated more around the fresh content you update.  Using the tagging functions in your blog, you can gear posts to appear under different pages of your website depending on the posts details.  So for example, if you were celebrating an award or a prize, this post could be tagged to appear under the “Awards and Accreditations” page, as well as appearing on the blog.  This allows you to pin certain content to the website for longer periods of time, where as your past blog post may have eventually been archived as other posts were deemed more important.

Other benefits include design consistency.  As clever as Google may be, it doesn’t have an eye for design.  Through using the WordPress.org software to build the site and the blog, you can use the same theme to style all elements.  If you ever update your company details or image, it only has to be done in one place.

Talking to our clients will continue to be fundamental to running a successful online marketing campaign.  Through integrating our blog into our website in a deeper manner, it means that our fresh content can be ranked by Google on different pages of interest.  This is a fresh approach to blogging.  Traditionally there are typically two approaches to social media depending on our existing relationship with our clients.

Twitter and Facebook allow us to excite, intrigue and involve existing/potential clients that we would have not normally encountered as they were not actively searching for us.  The other approach is to use a blog to excite Google into ranking us highly, in the effort to gain the interest of clients who are actively searching the Internet for our goods and services.

Through using WordPress.org to turn our blog into a full website as opposed to a page of posts, it allows more of our content to be ranked by Google, more often.

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